Walk in Shower Designs for Small Bathroom

Walk in showers are a popular option today but for people with smaller bathrooms it can be harder to work out the logistics of it and to know what you want. While there are many different styles and features you can get from walk in showers today, when space is limited you need to think about what you can alter and whether you can take care of it. Most people do not realize it but walk in showers need more upkeep than a normal bath.

What To Look For In A Walk-in Shower For A Small Bathroom

small-walk-in-shower Before you go shopping sort out some requirements in your mind. Who is using it and what do they need from it being a very important question to ask. If this is for an older couple do they need a bench to sit down? If it is for a young couple do they want it big enough to be able to shower together. If it is for a buys family would a half door or shower curtain be a better idea as it needs less maintenance and cleaning. If it is for a guest bathroom that is used less often and you want it to impress maybe a large glass door is more suitable as though it will need cleaning, it is not in use as much.


When you have decided the kind of requirements you have, you also need to decide on style. You could use granite or ceramic tiling on the walls and choose from types of glass for the walls. You need to decide whether you want the glass to be transparent, opaque or translucent.


Size is an important factor to consider too, especially in a smaller bathroom where you do not have the luxury to play around with where to place it and how big you want it. It needs to be large enough to accommodate the largest person who will be using it plus any extras you are having in it. There needs to be the right angle to allow for proper water drainage. This will also make cleaning the shower easier.



When deciding on a design among the many walk in shower designs for a smaller bathroom door less options are often chosen as it helps maximize what you have and make it feel more open. It also gives you one less thing to clean! You will find a large number of hotels and larger homes still use this option even though they may have the space to have doors on. If you use a spa type design you can have a walk in shower that gives a steam bath option. If your budget is low you could go with a more rustic look rather than trying for luxurious. Use copper shower heads, natural colors, and beech wood for example.


Whichever shower you decide upon you cannot change the fact that space is and will always be limited in a smaller bathroom. You will likely not be able to back out of the spray for example when you want to soap up, unless you make the shower head and hand held option. You won’t be able to get in and then turn the water on, as you will get hit with cold water before it warms up. If you have children that will be using this shower make sure they are aware of this. However if you want to have a walk in shower for a smaller bathroom there is no reason you cannot, as long as you plan and prepare for it.

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