Vinyl Siding Cost

Using vinyl siding in your home is good decision, because it is cost effective, installed without any hassle, easy maintenance and durable. It changes the appearance of your home, makes the home energy efficient, acts as a reinforcement and long lasting. Therefore many homeowners and builders prefer the use of vinyl siding. Many homeowners are apprehensive of the cost of the project of installing vinyl siding for their home.

Since, vinyl siding is available in various forms such as thickness, grains and colors, the cost also varies accordingly. Over and above, you have to pay for its installation by a qualified and professional installer. The home area, which, you intend to cover, is essential to consider for costing.


Generally, the cost of the project is as follows:

  1. Vinyl siding cost calculation is done on square foot basis, which may cost $2 to $3 per sq ft.
  2. Hence, if the home is 1000 square feet then the cost will vary from $2000 to $4000 depending on the quality and other factors.
  3. Installation cost ranges from $700 to $1050.
  4. Contractor fees for home visit for assessment costs around $100.

Considering the above, you have a general idea of the costing of the project. For more information, you visit online and do little research. This gives an upper hand while dealing with any company, you intend to assign for your project. However, many people go for the lowest bidder, but it is not always prudent.

vinyl-siding Your primary concern is to get the best service, quality material with low installation cost. In the process if it costs a little more then, do not hesitate to pay. The vinyl siding installation is for longer period, hence, the workmanship should be perfect to make it look good and durable. If you choose low quality vinyl siding then you may flush out few more dollars for its periodical maintenance. The capital expenses may be more but considering factors such as its quality, durability and strength it is cheaper because of its easy maintenance. You can find out by comparing other installation material with vinyl siding and ascertain the truth.

Vinyl Siding vs. Other Options:

  1. Fiber cement siding costs $3 to $4 each square feet.
  2. Hardwood siding cost varies from $3.50 to $6.50 per sq ft.
  3. Cost of slate shingles is $5 per sq ft and more depending on the quality you choose.
  4. Cost of wood shingles varies from $5.12 to $ per sq ft 7.40, in the present market.
  5. Stone siding is costlier and its price is $15 to $30 per sq ft.
  6. Brick will cost you $6 to $12 per sq ft.

Comparing the above prices the option for installing vinyl siding is cheaper.

After making the decision from the above options, it is imperative to ask for price quotes from contractors or companies in your locality. The next step is to analyze the quotes and find the most suitable installer for your home. Moreover, you can get help from online tools and retailers for analysis of the quotes. The following are some of the known traditional retailers and online tools for assistance in comparison.

  1. (offers quotes)
  2. Lowe’s Home Improvement (good for comparing material costs)
  3. Home Depot (good for material costs comparison)
  4. (features vinyl siding cost calculator)

Whatever means you need to apply for vinyl siding installation keep in mind few important tips. Before considering the services of a company or contractor, go through their reviews. This will give you an idea about their performance.

  1. Avoid paying for getting estimates.
  2. Check with relevant authorities about their legality and charges, if any.
  3. Insist on buying the materials yourself.
  4. Go through all the clauses of the agreement carefully and remove clauses that are detrimental for the project.
  5. Do not fall into the trap of sales pressure.
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