Stairway Bunk Beds

Bunk Beds With Stairs

Another type in bunk beds is the stairway bunk beds. The main difference between stairway bunk beds and other bunk bed is that it uses a stairway instead of a ladder. The main purpose of this is obviously safety concerns. Parents who are worried about there kids getting hurt while climbing up and down the ladder or are concerned that the kids might get caught up in the sheets and fall off the ladder while coming down, a stairway bunk bed is the best option. It is not possible to constantly supervise your kid and for the purpose stairway bunk beds provide the necessary safety that may otherwise be at risk. Bunk-beds-with-stairs Besides being safe, using a stairway to get up and down the bunk proves to be fun for kids and they enjoy the bed where they sleep. Sleeping on top of a bunk bed itself is a feeling of independence for your kid and using a stairway add up to the fun. The other benefit of these stairs is that it provides space to store things underneath it. There are many types of stairway bunks available in the markets that provide different options to utilize this space. Some have drawers built in; some have space to store toys, another model showcases space where shoes or other items can be stored in cabinets made underneath the stairway. And above all having two beds and a storage place in a small space is accommodating smaller space and using it for maximum purpose, is smart utilizing. Having analyzed the positive features of the bunk, let’s consider the drawbacks of the stairway option. The only drawback is the area required to accommodate the stairway. The stairs are built on the end of the bunk beds and so they require that extra space, lengthwise and this kind of bed can only be accommodated in rooms that have space large enough to fit this bed.  The wall you plan to stand the bed on should not only be large enough to fit in the bed but also there should be space enough to open the drawer built in as the space  under the stairs will be practically useless if there is no space left to use it. Bunk-beds-with-stairs2 So before purchasing a stairway bunk bed make sure to take all the measurements and decide on the wall you are going to place it against. There should be at least twenty four inches of extra space if there are drawers under the stairs as not only the drawers require space to open , you need to get there as well in order to take what you want too. Also another thing that should be considered and kept in mind is that the stairs and drawers will fit on only one side of the bed and it is not possible to remove them and replace on the other side of the bed. So now deciding on whether or not to purchase a stairway bunk bed is easier, as now you are aware of the benefits of this type and you no longer have to worry on the safety of the kids.
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