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Modern curtains to give you that modern look

Utilizing modern curtains is one sure way of lending a classy look to your home. They are available in many kinds of designs so you are sure to find ones that are right for your preference. You can also design your own curtains with the help of a designer who is willing to consider your ideas for your custom curtains. The end product is usually very unique and stylish. Following are some factors to consider in modernizing your home using curtains.

Where to hang the curtains

The room in your home where the curtains will be placed will influence your choice of curtains. There are different options for the living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, etc. If you are not sure what designs are best for the particular room you are decorating, it is easy to get help online while shopping for curtains. For children’s rooms, you can select those with cartoon designs to liven up their rooms. Modern_Curtains

Size of curtains

Naturally the size of your window will dictate the size of the curtain that you eventually choose. Bear in mind or write down the exact measurements to avoid making a mistake. Adjust the measurements or add an allowance if you prefer a shorter or longer curtain. For best results, take a picture of your window and bring it to the store or upload it to an online vendor. Giving them a visual will help them in giving you advice or recommendations on the right kind of curtains to modernize your home and give it a unique look as well.

Curtain fabric & design

You can choose from among so many kinds of textiles for your curtains. This is one factor that will determine the total cost of your curtains. There are thick fabrics just as there are thin or light ones, and you must also decide which type in this regard you want. Here are some curtain types you can select from, in terms of textile and design. Modern_curtains_for_living_room Damask fabric – this is more expensive and is also dense or thick Silhouette curtains – these fit bathrooms more Grommet curtains – these are easily installed and are aesthetically attractive Tab or tie top – the top of the tab can be bowtie, button, or plain To sum it up, new and modern curtain designs will help you acquire a corresponding modern look that will surely make any room more beautiful. Almost all of these curtains include special features which raise their quality and functionality.

Following are five (5) tips that will help give your room a modern look:

Use Decorative Curtain Rods Traditionally, valances or cornices are used to hide the upper part of the curtains, also known as the curtains’ “hardware”. Nowadays however, beautifully designed curtain rods can also be used. These allow the upper portion of the curtains which hangs on the rods to be seen as part of the design and adds glamour to it. Decorative_Curtain_Rods In addition to the rod, you have the option to utilize decorative rings in installing the curtains on it. Rings that are either bronze or copper-plated will add zest to the overall look. Flip-toppers are another alternative, if rings are not your thing. They are made of fabric usually which is used to attach the curtain to the rod. For a more interesting appeal, you may use a different textile for your flip-toppers from the actual curtain to gain some contrast. Floor length curtain For a formal and elegant theme, consider getting a curtain that falls all the way to the floor or even goes beyond floor length so that it gathers in a pool. Remember that shorter curtains are more casual-looking, whereas longer ones look more elegant and formal. floor_length_curtains For a strictly formal effect, your curtain should begin hanging from the ceiling all the way down to the floor or even longer as already mentioned above. It will make your window appear taller than it actually is. Use draped curtain fabric You can have a sophisticated design for your window by using a draped fabric as your curtain. This is a simple but elegant design option. A decorative rod is a perfect match for this ensemble. The textile does not have to be sewn into a curtain. Rather, the raw cloth can be draped around the curtain rod. Ideally, purchase textile that is at a minimum three (3) more times the actual size of the window. draped_curtain_fabric Producing swags around the curtain rod is the basic objective in curtain draping. With this in mind, you can also add pleats to achieve a pinched appearance between swags. Use Tie-backs with Lace You will find numerous styles when it comes to tie-back curtains. These can go from whimsical to casual. A minimum of two (2) curtain rods are required to install them. To achieve a tie-back lace style, the lace panels must be wider than the actual width of your window by as much as two (2) or three (3) times. lace_tie_backs Use Printed Curtains Printed curtains are the simplest and have the lowest cost among the kinds of curtains. A young girl’s bedroom will look excellent with these. There are so many fabric design themes available such as fairies, underwater, and countless others. You can change the design theme of your daughter’s bedroom curtains for example, so as not to make it boring if the old theme no longer excites her. printed_curtains  

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