How To Build A Bunk Bed

If you are thinking of choosing and building a bunk bed for yourself or someone else here are some tips on what to avoid and what to keep in mind.

Bunk beds can be intimidating mostly because people worry about being able to put them together and then whether or not they are safe. The fact while there an average of 36,000 bunk bed related injuries a year, these are usually due to several things that can be improved upon or avoided which is what we will consider.


Step By Step DIY Bunk Bed

1) When choosing and building a bunk bed make sure you know who will be using it and build one that is suitable. If you want it to be sturdy enough to take adults then make sure it has a longer length and takes heavier weights. If you want it to last a child into teenage and young adult years do the same. Do not build a child’s loft or bunk bed, let adults use it and then be surprised if an accident happens.

2) Research the different styles that are available and choose one appropriate to your needs and the space you have. It is no longer a case of one single above another. There are twins up or down, stairs or ladders, L shaped, loft with a desk or futon and so on. If it needs to last choose something simple that would suit any décor, if it is for a young child there are some fun options too that come with tents and slides!

3) Wood tends to be stronger and more durable than metal frames if it is a high quality wood. Something warped or old is not going to be as sturdy. Choosing cheaper wood that is not strong enough is one of the top reasons why they collapse. If you love IKEA, you can even combine your bunk bed with IKEA furnitures. Learn how to do it with this guide on building an IKEA bunk bed.

4) Have a detailed bunk bed plan and follow it using the correct techniques and hardware. If you do not have any skills in building furniture on this scale ask for help from someone who does.


5) Know what you want this bunk bed to look like and keep that visual in your mind as you work. Plans can be found in a variety of places with step by step instructions to follow and can sometimes even come with helpful videos so you can see exactly what is expected.

6) Once you have read through the instructions a couple of times lay out all your pieces so you know where everything is. Cut the wood first and make sure your tools are all within easy reach or have someone to help pass you materials or hardware when you need it. Follow each step exactly as written carefully and stay safe as you work.

As long as you have skills that are suitable and follow these simple steps, choosing and building a bunk bed does not have to be a lot of pain and hassle. Nor should your end result be one of those that cause injuries to users. Making sure your bed is safe should be your top concern, especially if this is for your children so be sure to construct it well.

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