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The kitchen is a very important part of a house. To stay healthy, it must be well maintained by keeping it clean and tidy as well. In addition, it should also have or exude a relaxing and inviting aura. Being a busy part of a home makes it important that the surroundings make your job of preparing meals as stress-free as possible. Spicing up your kitchen interior is a sure way to achieve this objective. Since a focal point in your kitchen could be the countertop, you can definitely take advantage of this by having a granite countertop in the right and attractive color.

As with other furniture and décor for the kitchen, there are also many varieties of colors that are available for granite countertops or worktops. You can therefore be very flexible when it comes to choosing your preferred color that will go with your kitchen color theme. Following are the most popular colors you can select from:

Black granite countertop

Black is very elegant, stylish, and classy. This goes well with walls that are light-colored, especially if the black granite countertop is shiny. However take care to use this color if your walls are dark colored or if your lighting is not good so as to avoid making your kitchen appear darker than you had intended.

White granite countertop

White is a universal color. It goes with almost any other shade that you may have in your kitchen. Being a light color it can make your kitchen look brighter and fresher. It can be combined with both light and dark colors since it is a neutral hue. The downside to this shade is that it needs constant upkeep to prevent dark stains from developing on it and also to remove litter that can be easily seen however little it may be.


Earth Colors countertop

Currently in style are earth colors. They are very attractive shades for your worktops especially light colors of brown, green, and yellow. They are very relaxing to the eyes and can definitely add life to your kitchen. They can also be mixed and matched with any color.

It is not enough though to make your kitchen design or theme complete just by selecting the appropriate color for your granite countertop. It has to be incorporated in the total design or look of your kitchen and knowing how to combine colors can produce the maximum effect. To guide you in choosing the right color for your granite countertop, narrow down your choices to the appropriate shades than can be used for combination with the primary or dominant color of your kitchen.

Why White Granite Countertops is the Safest Choice

white-granite-countertop2 You need countertops for your bathroom and kitchen; hence they are an integral part of your home. They have many purposes making them a necessity for any home. Compared in the past, these countertops now come in various colors including blue, red, black, and white.

We all want our kitchens to look beautiful while being functional at the same time. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford the services of a professional interior designer to achieve this. Nor is everyone blessed with an artistic sense and good taste when it comes to combining colors. To avoid mistakes in designing your kitchen, you may opt to have white for your granite countertop. Following are some of the reasons why it will benefit you to do this:

White is a neutral color

It is a neutral color and can therefore match with any other shade. Lighter shades such as light green, blue, or yellow or darker shades like black or red are perfect with white.

White can brighten up any place

If you wish for your kitchen or bathroom to appear brighter without installing additional lighting fixtures, white should be the color of your kitchen or bathroom countertop. It can make the overall look of your kitchen or bathroom lighter and brighter, and also make them look larger than they actually are. This is especially helpful if you have a small space or if your windows in these rooms happen to be small.

White granite is very affordable

If you have a limited budget and are looking for something less expensive, white granite countertop is the thing for you. Granite is generally expensive, but white granite is less costly than other granite colors because it is only plain.

Why White Granite Countertops Will Never Go Out of Style

Between the colors black and white, the latter is known as the feminine color. It is said to be a feminine hue due to its soft and light color. It is generally accepted that woman is the neater and soft being compared to man in terms of organizing.

1.    Because it is a light and bright color, it gives off the impression or the illusion of a bigger space or area. White countertops are perfect for small kitchens or bathrooms. For best results, it is important to be diligent when putting up your countertops. Take care in including all the necessary area by not leaving any tiny spaces that should be covered by granite, uncovered.

2.    Clean and bright looking:  The light and bright color of white splashes throughout the room and naturally augments the natural light from sunshine as well as the artificial lighting that you have. The lights in the room are reflected onto the white granite thus intensifying the brightness that it provides. Dark corners will seem brighter with the white granite countertop that you have. If you keep it clean then you can easily achieve a neat and clutter-free look.

3.    Soft and quiet color:  Black is known as a solid color. In contrast, white is not. Rather, it represents a sense of peacefulness and hence exudes a quiet and soft air. It also naturally adds light to a room given its light and bright color that easily reflects on the whole room. Over time, it has proven to be a timeless shade that has never gone out of style. This just goes to show that it is a very practical color that has been popular over generations.

As previously mentioned, white granite countertops look great but have the downside of appearing dirtier if not maintained properly. Stains and dirt are easily seen on the surface if it is not constantly kept clean. The good news is that there are easy solutions and guidelines on how to keep your white granite countertop in tiptop shape. A basic thing to remember is not to use chemical mixtures in cleaning stains. Another basic tip is not to place direct heat on their surfaces.

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