DVD Storage Ideas

DVDs are collectibles that people treasure and would like to keep for years. They should have a proper storage place where they can be kept safe, hidden if you wish, but conveniently retrievable. Although there are many bright ideas with regards to DVD storages, you may find some that are not to your liking. Below are some suggestions or recommendations.

Storing Your DVDs

If the size of your DVD collection is huge, better consider buying either a DVD stand or a bookshelf. Be informed however that a DVD stand usually can only hold more or less 100 DVDs. So if you have a larger collection, consider a bookshelf instead. You can opt for a narrower bookshelf to compliment or match the smaller bookcase needed for a smaller collection. The advantage of using a bookshelf to store your DVDs is that it gives you the flexibility in selecting the size of the book case that will hold your DVDs. A bigger book case will mean a bigger bookshelf, while a smaller book case will likewise need a smaller bookshelf.

DVD-stand If you have limited or no extra space to accommodate a bookshelf, then what you need is a compact storage idea. A DVD or DC storage case uses a minimum amount of space and some can hold or house as many as one thousand (1,000) DVDs or CDs. This is made possible by not including the container of the DVDs and CDs. Only the disk is stored in individual sleeves that serve as protective sheets that separate the disks from each other. If the leaves are full with disks but the hardware can still accommodate additional leaves, you can simply purchase more. A DVD or CD storage case has ease of storage due to its small size. You can simply place it underneath your television or on a small space on your shelf because it only requires a small area. The downside of this type of DVD or CD storage space is that it will leave you with junk in the form of the hard DVD or CD covers. You may opt to keep them because the covers or pictures are a big part of your collection, but doing this will represent another storage problem. DVD racks are available in different sizes and shapes. The more beautiful ones which are also more expensive are artful. They usually have a double function. They serve as a decorative accessory in the room where they are kept, while at the same time also functioning as a storage place for DVDs or CDs. These are often kept inside the DVD rack and hidden. The reason for keeping them out of sight is also to protect the collection from theft or damage. They are priced higher because often it is made out of fabricated metal but still appear fantastic. The DVD or CD storage space is usually inside the design or at the back side.

DVD-cabinet Compact like the DVD and CD storage case above, but safe and sturdy are the handy mobile DVD units. They come in a variety of forms, shapes, and colors. The mesh unit with sliding doors is perfect for DVD storage to be placed on top of your desk. If you prefer LP cases that feature safety provisions and include handles for carrying, then the handmade LP cases are the thing for you. Very popular too are the cuboids CD rack is a durable rack and stacks CDs in a highly organized way. Available as well are rectangular boxes with handles and covers which can stack as many as 26 CDs or any other item/s that can fit into it and needs to be hidden from sight. There are more options. A CD rack mounted on the wall can contain a maximum of 64 DVDs, and has provisions to add more. Another portable, compact, and versatile storage unit consists of four drawers secured by steel frames. It also provides you with the flexibility of placing it in almost any part of the room. A unique idea of storing your DVDs is by having pockets in your curtains matching the size of your DVDs or CDs. A traditional storage container is boxes.  A maximum of 80 DVDs can be held by this portable and safe storage space with a capacity ranging from 3 liters to 18 liters. A variation is the toy box which can be decorated with stickers to achieve a delightful look.

DVD-Storage An artsy and fantastic way to store DVDs is to place them inside origami of varied shapes and sizes that you have created. DVDs can also be smartly and practically stored in creative wall hangings which can be part of the room’s design. If you have a very tight budget or are simply extremely prudent, opt for the cheapest way to store them is to utilize paper sleeves. Although not the best option security-wise, they are capable of protecting your DVDs from dust and offer some protection from damage. This manner is will make full use of your space and budget especially if you have so many burned DVDs.

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