Double Bunk Beds

In the ever increasing rate of population in the world today, many people live in small apartments and not much furniture can be accommodated in them. It is for the reason that double bunk beds are truly a space saving option. They can easily be placed and save maximum space consuming half the area and are really useful in houses where more than two kids share a room. The double bunk bed is as same as the normal bed, only that it accommodates two people on the top and bottom bunk. There are many different types of double bunk beds available in different materials in the market. These double bunk beds are not only space saving but are also stylish and strongly built, especially if oak wood bed is used which can hold easily two kids on a bunk.

Double Bunk Beds

A typical bunk bed is a single bunk with another stacked on top of it. The need for these kinds of bed is primarily to reduce space hassles in a room. These kinds of beds are commonly used in ships, small apartments, prison cells and military garrisons too. This type of bed is the best option where many people are required to be accommodated in a limited space.


In these bunk beds, wooden types are more durable and long lasting. If these beds are used by kids, they just don’t sleep on it, they run up and down and jump on the bed. To bear the daily abuse, wooden bunk beds are the best choice. Wooden double bunk beds are a lifetime investment and add up on the beauty and décor of the house. You can decide from a variety of styles and colors and choose the one that suits your room. Matching or contrasting colors of bed sheets and pillows can also be used to add on to the beauty of the bed. Not only different colors and varieties, but also different quality bunk beds are available in the market to suit your budget. Originally these designs are depicted by four pillars standing on all corners of the bed. Usually a ladder is attached on a side of the beds to aid getting up on the higher bed, though it is not necessary, some beds do not have ladders, these kinds are specially made for rooms with lower ceilings. The bunks are lower than the normal height and thus require no ladder to get up on.


Parents usually opt for this kind of bed for their twp siblings who share a common room. Ordinary double beds are also referred to as double bunk beds. Also triple bunks are available to cater to different needs. Not just the requirements but the designs and accessories attached change with the evolution of double bunk beds to triple.


Some of these beds are also available to allow you to hang curtains or bug nets, while others provide the facility of attached wardrobe or drawers or even study tables in some special styles. Some features are separable while some are not. The upper bunk is usually sided with a safety railing to provide safety against falling off during sleep. Double_Bunk_Beds2 The different choices can be checked out on the net or on your local stores too and you will be surprised to know off the varieties available.
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