DIY Wire Closet Organizer

Do you get stressed  and allot an unreasonable amount of time searching for things in your closet? Well then, what you need is a closet make-over, similar to the TV programs that deal with house cleaning and wardrobe make-overs. Having your own wire closet organizer can assist you in achieving this. It is a choice that deserves a thumbs up. A well-maintained closet will save you loads of time and energy, not to mention mental stress.

A couple of options are available for installing a wire closet organizer system:

  1. A commercial installer can be hired but this will cost you more monetary and time-wise.
  2. Or you can resort to DIY (Do-It-Yourself) which will be easier on the pocket, but heavier on the workload. You don’t have to rely on the availability of the installer. This article will give you basic points on how to properly set-up your own wire closet organizer.
Wire closet organizers are available in different shapes and sizes to match your closet. It may be a complete system or broken down into individual parts. They can be purchased at local stores or online. As with any shopping item, it is beneficial to give yourself a reasonable number of selections or options from which to choose from. DIY-wire-closet-organizers

Following are the four easy to follow steps in installing your own wire closet organizer:

Clean the closet

Literally empty the closet by removing all belongings as well as fixed or detachable provisions such as shelves and hanging rods. You can use a claw hammer or pry bar to do this. When it is completely empty, check for holes that may have been left and cover them with spackle. Leave to dry. Then paint the patched area while the closet is empty. It will be difficult to do it once new structures are built.


wire_closet_organizer_plan The first thing to do is to accurately measure the closet space. Start with the height, width, and length, then include spaces that may have irregular shapes. Based on the measurement you did, compute for the width of the space where you plan to hang clothes. This will allow you to determine how much space is left or can be allotted for folded items, accessories and other stuff that need to be stored in the closet. It will also avoid a cluttered or crowded appearance. Write down the measurements and make a rough sketch of the closet including in it the corresponding figures. This will come in handy when you place an order for one.


With your notes on hand, surf for a supplier online (usually a home improvement retailer) or visit a nearby home improvement store.  Search for a wire closet organizer system that fits your requirements. Seek professional advise from a good salesperson for best results. But if you are not entirely satisfied, don’t be pressured into buying anything that you are not completely confident about.  Don’t rush yourself, take time to look elsewhere until you find exactly what you are looking for. home-improvement-store


The tools needed for the installation process are the pry bar, hacksaw, level, a tape measure, hammer, drill, pencil or pen, stud finder and Phillips or Standard screwdrivers. First, remove from their packaging all the items in your kit like shelves, screws, brackets, rods, etc. Check the labels and count the items to make sure they are complete. Do not begin setting up if something is missing. Alert the supplier immediately so they can send the missing parts right away. Refrain from beginning until everything that is needed is in front of you. Install-DIY-wire-closet-organizer Read the directions carefully and follow them in the same chronological order as demonstrated in the packaging. Avoid missing steps or hopping ahead to succeeding steps. Doing this may cost you a lot more time in installing your kit as you may have to backtrack later on. Bravo! It is now time to refill the closet with the belongings that were taken out. You will enjoy your manageable closet that is more spacious and organized. You may even be surprised to find that there is some available space left. But most of all, you will feel proud at having done it yourself.
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