Decorative Shelves

The Role Of Decorative Shelves

Decorative shelves are an integral part of any home as much for their decorative aspect as it is for their functionality. They serve as containers or spaces for stuff that you don’t want just to be lying around your house. This is clutter organized to make your home clutter-free, beautiful, and organized. The shelves are especially helpful for kids’ bedrooms which are usually the most disorganized place at home.

There are different kinds of kids’ shelves for every need that you have. There are library shelves that can be positioned by your kid’s bedside to promote bedtime reading. Your kids do not have to get off their beds to return the books to their proper places after reading. Their sleepy mode will not be interrupted by having to stand up. They can simply reach out a little bit to put back a book to where they took it.

Hats or caps can be hung on the pegs that come with some decorative shelves. Decorative hats, scarves can also hang on the pegs. You have the flexibility of choosing any item that you deem to be decorative to hang on this type of shelf, depending on whether it’s a girl’s room or a boy’s room, or both.

On the other hand, regular decorative shelves as well as bookcases can store stuff littered all over the floor after playtime. You can teach your kids to keep their rooms tidy by having these easy to use types of decorative shelves. Your kids can simply pick up their toys and toss them into these, while they can arrange their story and learning books on the bookshelves that can be placed within their reach.

Bookcase_shelve There are ledge shelves that can be set up a little far up the wall just below the ceiling to display stuffed toys, dolls, model cars, or other decorative materials. On them you can place collectible items that deserve to be kept and treasured, while at the same time serving some function instead of simply contributing to the volume of your kept things without use anymore.

Then there are cubed and modular shelves that give you the flexibility in terms of the size of things that you need to store, and the arrangement or re-arrangement that you wish to do with this type of storage space. Items that have irregular shapes and sizes and are too large for other storage options can fit in this type of shelf that also comes in different sizes to accommodate your different needs.

The list goes on. Wall shelves which are also the most common are shelves usually made of higher quality material compared to the other types, and are securely held on the wall by screws and brackets. These are generally immovable. They also come with brackets that have varying designs. Some have ornate finishing with richly done artistic details such as the 17th century sconces. They can be placed anywhere in the room provided there is free space where you want to mount it on.

Like wall shelves that utilize an otherwise plain or useless wall, corner shelves also lend functionality to empty corners, but also make a room prettier by holding display-worth items such as pictures and other show items. They liven up an unutilized corner by adding life to an otherwise boring space. In addition to the hardware itself, you can make it interesting by selecting décor items that are sure to look attractive.

As suggested by the name itself, ladder shelves have ladders that are either attached permanently or detachable and are used to reach the upper rows that are normally beyond one’s reach. They are taller and have a larger storage space than other shelves. They are also ideal for books, towels, collectibles, bathroom supplies and other kinds of supplies, and other things that can fit into them. It usually appears to be built-in because of the tack shelves.

There are hanging shelves that are hung from the ceiling which are mainly used for designing purposes to give your room an exceptional look. This type of shelf often lends a unique feel to a room and adds to its character.

And there are empty and artsy shelves that serve as décor and lend an abstract appeal to a room. These are used for designing purposes more than for storage ends. If you have an eye for the uncommon, you will like the decorative shelves which has a portion that rolls back to accommodate taller items.

Whatever it is you are looking for, you can be sure that there are shelf types to match your every need – whether it is for storage, to accessorize your home, or both. Although keeping your belongings safe and easily retrievable is the primary purpose of shelves, their function has evolved to include an aesthetic purpose as well. So whether you are cleaning house or redesigning it, think of shelves to help you accomplish your task. They are a very practical investment for your home that can last for years to come, and because of this they are worth your money.

Before shopping at local stores or online, be mindful of your budget. This will help you focus your time and energy on selecting the best choice possible if you have narrowed down your options. You might want something and spend time imagining how it is going to look and fit in your home, only to find out later that it is too expensive for your means.

Decorative Shelves for Corners


As already mentioned corner decorative shelves are used to fill up any corner of your home that has been left unattended or lack any form of design. It has a triangular shape which occupies less space compared to the four-sided usual shelf. But it can also contain many items that you want to place on it. You may have things that you don’t really have any need for that can fill up this type of shelf to add beauty to a corner. Your favorite books will also look good on them. For variety, you may opt to re-arrange the items or replace them with other decorative matter every now and then. Doing this can give a corner a somewhat new look and feel every so often to achieve some variety.

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