Bunk Bed Safety Tips

Children absolutely adore bunk beds and loft beds for they give adventure, enough floor space, and a comfortable bed for sleeping. They are also easier to purchase for they are already available online.

Safety Tips For Bunk Bed Users

Though bunk beds can really be superb in a child’s bedroom, but they also have high risks of danger with them. That is why there are safety measures that parents or guardians of children need to know and the children should be aware of in order to be safe around a bunk bed. Here are the safety rules that can help the parents in setting up the bunk beds and can help prevent children from acquiring injuries as well:

Top Bunk Safety

On a top bunk, it is preferred to use mattresses that are fitted entirely on the bunk. You must know that a top bunk uses a twin bed and it measures around 39 inches x 75 inches. Also, do not make use of a mattress that is more than 8 inches thick because the guardrails are only designed to house 8 inches thick mattresses at most. A mattress that is thicker than 8 inches usually places the sleeper very near on the top of the guardrail, thus breaking its purpose for not being able to prevent falls. There must be guardrails on all sides of the top bunk.

bunk bed safetyBunk bed safety - Use stairs instead of ladders

If you cannot really prevent yourself from having a thick mattress, you may also want to find thinner mattresses so you can put them on top of the other and at the same time, ensures that your sleeper is safe for it stays below the top of the guardrails. The ideal mattress is around 6 inches thick. One thing that parents should know is that a child younger than 5 years old should not be allowed to sleep on the top bunk. Though they have good climbing skills, they still require a few years to polish their internal sense of caution and security that can help them control their own behaviour when they are sleeping on top of the bunk. There is a ladder that children need to use in order to get up and down from the top bunk. Most of the bunk and loft beds have slats on both sides that is similar to the climbing structures found in the playground. However, it is a must to check if the ladder can support the weight of the child as each year passes by. For safety measures, teach the children how to climb the ladder. It is important that the children are facing the ladder when climbing up and climbing down.

Not all bunk beds are sturdy enough to carry people with various weights. Bunk beds also have weight restrictions. Some of them can only handle up to 400 pounds on the top bunk but not all bunk beds can. It is better to read the safety materials to be able to determine the weight limit of the bunk bend. If there is no safety materials, climb to the top bunk and check its sturdiness and rigidity. The heavier person should not use the top bunk. Jumping on the bunk bed is not safe for children, whether it is the upper or lower bed. This can not only cause danger to the children such as banged heads, but it can also weaken the structure of the bunk bed.

Overall Bunk Bed Safety

The placement of the bunk bed inside the room is better against the wall. This will hinder the children from being trapped in the middle of the bunk and the wall. It is also recommended to use long-side guardrails to protect your children from falling off. Also, warn your children not to slip down the back of the bed into the lower bunk.

Solid bunk bed

Always check if the ladders, guardrails, and other parts of the bunk beds are screwed down tightly and appropriately in place. Fixtures usually loosen as time passes by so it is a must to check the whole structure at least once a month to be able to make the screws tighter. Hanging items on any part of the bunk bed is quite unsafe. Children may reach for it, especially when they are on the edge, and it may just cause falling or strangling from the bunk bed. Nightlight is also recommended for children sleeping on a bunk or loft bed. To be able to see clearly in the middle of the night, soft red lights are good for dark-adapted eyes, without allowing the eyes to stay in a wakeful state permanently. Be sure to watch your children climb up and down the ladder many times before leaving them alone on their bunk bed. It is important that you have instilled to them how to go in and go out of the top bunk safely and they must show them to you how they do it. When you follow these tips, you will be able to help yourself and your family enjoy the bunk and loft bed safely. Also, bunk beds come in futon designs that contain a futon sofa at the bottom bunk. You can read a book here with your children before they go to sleep at night. It is also a good idea for them to develop a lifelong love for reading as they grow up.
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