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As a potential buyer, you may have a few questions about Andersen windows. Are they good windows?  Absolutely!  Andersen has a solid name in both the new construction window and replacement window categories. Will it cost you more?  It's highly possible. It is a premium brand that over the years has built a reputation for high quality windows, allowing it to usually charge the highest price in the market. Are Andersen windows the best match for you purpose?  Quite honestly, the answer depends on many factors. Having high reviews and serving as the industry benchmark doesn't necessarily mean theirs will be the exact fit to your specific needs. Some consumers are price sensitive, while others have functionality or design in mind when making a decision. In the past few years, the Andersen name has suffered by having competitors become better in terms of fit and function for windows hardware. The bottom line is, Andersen may not readily have an available product that is a perfect match for what you want, whereas another window manufacturer may have what you are looking for.

andersen-windows Apart from price, functionality, and design, environmental responsibility is also a consideration for some consumers. People are more aware of the hazards posed by manufacturing; hence they may opt to support a company that minimizes these harmful effects. The Andersen Window Company has a Green and Lean campaign for which it has spent much in research and development  to make their products as eco-friendly as possible. Andersen and other major manufacturers are incorporating many innovative strategies that result to waste reduction and reduced energy usage after the improved utilization of raw materials. But Andersen may be a step ahead in this regard because apart from the practices shared in the industry, they put up an entire line of window products that have incorporated a high percentage of recycled materials into the production process. This brand is called "The Renewal by Andersen". The best characteristics of thermoplastics and wood fibers are blended using a composite material. Although most of the recycled matter comes from their own manufacturing operations, it must still be measurable in the end products in order to keep the prized Green Seal certification used to market them.

andersen-windows2 Andersen's efforts at preserving the environment as much as it can will deserve further applause after they expand their recycling principle down to the end user, the consumer. At present the packaging of their windows do not include any instructions on how to recycle it back to Andersen once they discard it, so that it can be used to manufacture a new one.  It is the only issue that I see here. It would be great if they can take a step further in this direction.

Anderson windows prices

Bow and Bay Windows

The Bow and Bay Windows are eye candies such that the design is angled away from the front facing of a home. There are many varieties to select from in both casement and double hung styles. The price range for these windows is from $1,502 and $2,362. Bow-and-Bay-Windows

Awning Windows

Weather-proof, high impact resistant glasses are fitted in these windows. The exterior of the window is reinforced for safety. There is a single hinge at the top so it can be opened outwards. They are turned on their sides, although basically classified as casement windows. The price range for these windows is from $422 and $1,078. Awning-Windows

Casement Windows

Casement windows are hinged on every side so they can open in an outward manner. Levers for winding are used when opening them. Finishing choices include the pine, slate, chestnut, and sandstone. Glass is fitted in these windows that are easily maintained. They are also blister, fade, and peel-resistant. The price range for these windows is from $391 and $1,009. Casement-Windows

Gliding Windows

These windows are similar to gliding doors in that they also glide open to the left or right. The smooth movement of the sash is made possible by the raised track. They give an added beauty to a home, and cleaning can be easily done from both the inside and outside. The price range for these windows is from $330 and $927. Gliding-Windows

Picture and Transom Windows

These windows are either for aesthetics purposes only or for letting in the light from outside as they cannot be opened. Storm watch protection glasses are fitted into them, and they are available in various sizes. The price range for these windows is from $159 and $656. Transom-Windows

Double Hung Window

These are used commonly in homes than anywhere else. They have 2 sashes which slide upwards and downwards. The glasses that are fitted into these windows are energy efficient and high performing, and the way the windows tilt makes it easy to maintain them. There are many choices of wood finishing. The price range for these windows is between $271 and $2,301. Andersen-double-hung-windows It will always be more beneficial to select the Andersen brand when it comes to a good replacement window.

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